Baseline Anti-Theft Hook

Baseline Anti-Theft Locking Scanning Hook

A commonly found locking scan hook is offered as a “baseline” post for comparison of more unusual security and anti-theft fixtures. Over time I will post the more unique solutions I find, both for hook and shelf … some lockable others employing non-locking or metering strategies.

SEE “Anti-Theft Fixture Failure” for images of this security hook ripped from its display surface, links to remedies and other security posts. READ comments to this post for actual commentary from a fixture user.

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2 thoughts on “Baseline Anti-Theft Hook

  1. When I worked in retail, these guys were the perfect example of a system only being as strong as its weakest link. While they were good at stopping sweeping in many cases, thieves just had to slice the thin 1/4″ part of the clamshell to get it off the hook. Though, that practice soon stopped once people started finding out that a simple rare earth magnet can unlock most of these pegs. Sweeping continued once again.

    The worst thing I’ve seen happen with one of these is someone ripping the entire peg out of the pegboard out of desperation. We lost all of the product, the locking peg itself and had to replace the pegboard.

    The false sense of security these pegs provided probably made theft worse. Product brought out from display cases or moved out of view of staff was now more vunrable than it was before. Not to mention the loss of profit when someone couldn’t find someone to unlock the item they wanted to buy.

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