Jewelry Suited to a “T” (Hook)

Jewelry Slatwire / Micro-Bar T-Hook

A gold-tone T-Hook pushes the envelop for classiness in jewelry display. Though constructed of bar shapes, the supporting structure actually functions more as a slatwire application than micro-bar. Between the glint of the fixturing and the gold of the jewelry it was hard to tell where the fixture left off and the merchandise began. Overall it was extremely attractive, though there was some of visual distraction caused by all the gleaming fixture elements. A matt finish to the gold fixtures might have improved the contrast and let the jewelry have full center stage.    97iz8n2sdp

Do a SEARCH of “T-hook” for other fixtures like this.

Select “Hooks: Specialty” from the CATEGORY MENU or CATEGORY CLOUD for a broader selection of unusual hooks.

Select “Jewelry Store” from the CHANNEL CLOUD to see other fixtures that apply to this channel of retailing.

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