Clear Label Strip for Crystal

This flexible extruded label holder is definitely not Acrylic, but is clear enough to whisper a message and not detract from the Glass Crystal on display. It is economical yet upscale in this use. Extruded shelf edge labeling strip is available for various thicknesses of glass shelf, and even a choice of angles from vertical (as here) to up-tilted. Remember that you will need to specify a high quality clear strip for this application, not one extruded from cheap, low-end plastic material that may also lack UV Protection.

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10 thoughts on “Clear Label Strip for Crystal

  1. The clear sign holders are the best part of the presentation. I would like to meet the person that recommended mirror as a method of visual presentation. 99% of the time, mirror is your worst enemy as visually confirmed in this photo. The reflection cannot be controlled and the end result is a mass of confused images to the eye.
    It is a good thing that retailers are not surgeon otherwise there would be a lot of dead people due to their acceptance of mediocrity. In this case the best background for a clear item such as glass is a vibrant solid color, or white. The background allows the product to stand on its own and be recognized. Instead of changing the background when the glass product showed up, the retailer selected, do nothing at all. I do believe that a simple background would increase sales by ten or twenty percent. When you translate that increase in sales perhaps the $25.00 investment in material for a background would have been worth the effort. Unfortunately, most retailers do not concern themselves with trying to get the last 10% of sales out of an item or store. The last 10% is the difference between staying in business or closing your doors.

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