Hair Dryer Hooks for Pegboard

Reminiscent of tool holders in a handyman’s workshop, these deeply curved all wire loop hooks cradle hair dryers for inspection by customers. Note that they don’t fit the use perfectly, but are good enough to get the job done. Light gauge, they may actually be hooks for home use, thereby qualifying this solution as a good example of Guerrilla Marketing. The electric cords were cable tied to the display, allowing enough slack for a once over, but keeping the dryers from “wandering off.”  A fun upgrade might be to outline or silhouette the dryers in correct placement within the display.  Labeling and price information adjacent to each dryer would be an aid too … label holding hooks, pegboard wall tags, and various sign holders exist that could do the job. See “Sign on a Stick” for one example.

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SELECT “Guerrilla Marketing” from the Categories Menu for an expanded offering of inexpensive solutions.

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