Shot Glass Rack for Pegboard

Aside from drinking as socializing occupation, there people who actually collect drinking paraphernalia as an innocent hobby. This approach to merchandising Shot Glasses was spied in a specialty gift boutique. Equipped with pegboard mounts, these multi-column racks populated a spinner island display allowing browsing of the entire spectrum of glasses. Bottoms up!

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Basic Black Shot Glass Rack

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28 thoughts on “Shot Glass Rack for Pegboard

    1. Sorry Diane, I reported on the rack as an unusual fixture I found in use. I do not know who manufactures them. My quick searches of the internet produced only racks for home display of shot glasses. This rack was seen in a Spencer Gift, I believe. It was part of an entire freestanding Spinner Island display. I suspect the shot glass racks and possibly even entire Spinner was provided by the shot glass manufacturer as a point-of-purchase display. I hope those additional insights help. Please come back and post the source, if you find it. If your need is for a large quantity, there are a number of manufacturers who could make a rack for you too.

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