Metro Wire Shelf Label Holder

There exists an extruded plain-paper label holder for any shelf or surface imaginable. Here you see one designed for Metro-style Open Wire shelving with the unmistakable “snake design” frontrail. If you have a specialty label holder need, contact your manufacturer. Just because you don’t see it in a catalog doesn’t mean the profile doesn’t exist. And before you pay to have a die made, call around even further. What I don’t make, the factory down the street does. Shop around.

This is “front-to-back” oriented open wire, with an elevated single wire frontal product stop. SEE “Vertical or Horizontal Wire Shelves” for “front-to-back” oriented shelf without edge product stop. There is also “side-to-side” oriented open wire. Read the earlier post for advice on when to use what.

Compare directly…
Open Wire Label Strip Rides High
Open Wire Label Strip Rides Low
Metro Wire Shelf Label Holder

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