Belt Loop Hangers for Jeans

Fixtures Close Up has only begun to scratch the surface of Jean displays. Merchandising a row of styles and sizes is widespread. Here the approach is supported by custom wire hangers or clips through the belt loops. Though custom it remains simple enough to be considered low cost.

SEARCH “Jeans” to see variations on this display approach and the fixtures which support them.

6 thoughts on “Belt Loop Hangers for Jeans

  1. Where can you get these belt loop hangers? I have looked everywhere on line and typed in every combination I can think off and this is the only web site that pulls them up.

    1. Janeen: I am a roving fixture reporter documenting what I see in retail. But I often do not know who makes a particular fixture. So I cannot point you to a specific manufacturer. I can tell you these were seen at a Gap store about a year ago. I have not specifically checked to see if they are still in use or been retired from front-of-store display use, to the perimeter and center store.

      If you need hundreds to thousands, short run wireformers can whip these up for you. I did not try them in store, so i cannot say the degree to which they were tempered and either “bent” open and closed, or “spung” due to tempering. But I suggest that either would satisfy display needs, though tempered a tad better (and possibly more expensive).

      If you SEARCH “Jeans” generally on FixturesCloseUp you should find more ideas. You may want to consider using easier to acquire S-hooks for your display. Please see…

      As well as other posts.

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