Super-Duty Open Wire Shelf

A heavy frame, box cross supports, welded crosswire, and tight wire spacing overall make this the mother of all open wire shelf designs. Open wire sheds dust and dirt, and improves air circulation so you’ll often see them in coolers too. This unit has shelf edge perforations along the front that mimic standard gondola shelf, meaning all your favorite shelf edge fixtures will attach directly. As almost everywhere in modern retail, aftermarket extruded plain paper label strip graces the forward surface. But notice the single row of perforation on the front surface running behind the label strip. I wonder what fixtures are intended for it? Leave a comment if you know or have a guess.

NOTE: For heavy items shelf wire should run front to back so packages slide easily. Both front-to-back and side-to-side wire orientations exist. SEE “Vertical or Horizontal Wire Shelves” for a detailed discussion of uses.

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