Yin & Yang of Open Wire Shelves

Here Metro-style rails support a drop-on Open Wire Mat to create a shelf. But Ying-and-Yang-like, one of the key advantages of wire shelves … that the open design sheds dust and dirt, allows air to circulate and light to penetrate … is its biggest disadvantage. Small items can easily topple. As a solution the retailer added stiff shelf liner or insert to stabilize the merchandise. With “open wire” YOU must decide which your application needs … the Yin or Yang.

VIEW “Zip-Tied Grid Hook” for a closeup detail of this shelf layering. SEE “Vertical or Horizontal (Open) Wire Shelves” for an enlarged discussion, SEE “Gravity Mat vs No Gravity Mat” for gravity slid mat on open wire, “Super-Duty Open Wire Shelf” for an heavy-duty mat, or “Softgoods on Overhead Bridge” for a crazy but creative use of “open wire mat.” SEARCH “Metro” for posts focusing on this famous “Snake” branded open wire fixture. ***

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