Wire Mannequin Love Affair

Working for a company who’s core business is wireforms, you can imagine that I fell passionately in love with this slender open wire mannequin. Though not quite Bionic, I found her fetching nonetheless. I brought back reams of photos and physical measurements.  Maybe the boys in the toolroom and engineering can build her for me. Just don’t tell Margarit.

For Wire Form figures by Title see…
Wireform Headforms
Wireform Torso by SuperDry
Wire Mannequin Love Affair
Wire Mannequin Crush Continues
Picaso-esque Retail Mannequins
Dress Form Bondage by Belt

For unusual Mannequin display that caught my eye SEE…
Bobby Pinning Sale Tags
Mail-Order-Brides Revisited
Brides ‘R Us Window Dressing
Telegraphing Lingerie Streetside
Black Birds as Familiars
Tattooed Mannequins in UK
Tattooed Mannequins in Japan
How Men Tie Scarf Knots
Mannequin as Art

For Dress Form merchandising SEE…
Outfitting Multi-Purse Women
Michael Kors Purse Bandolier
Mannequin Arm as Purse Faceout
Wrist Watch as Neck Choker
Half-Torso Display Challenge

SEE “Bras for Well-Read Girls” for another passionate post or SEARCH “Silly” for the funny side of fixtures and “Window Dressing” for true visual merchandising posts. ***

42 thoughts on “Wire Mannequin Love Affair

    1. Watch for a followup post soon (tomorrow?) on wire girl. I spotted her again on a different outing. Please feel free to rebroadcast any material you like. A minor source acknowledgement appreciated. I sometimes I can locate the original high res photo if needed for something important.

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