Jewelry Retails from Tabletop

Sophisticated fixtures are not needed for Jewelry retailing. Here rows of carded items are neatly arranged and presented on a mere table top. CLICK the thumbnail for a close-up view of the merchandising effect.

Compare directly to…
Icing on the Jewelry Cake
Shoji Screen Earring Display
Clipboards as Jewelry Backers
Actual Trunk for Jewelry Trunk Sales
Plug ‘N Play Jewelry Display
Jewelry Slatwall Hooks on Fushia Fabric
Drawer-Pull Jewelry Display
Jewelry Retails from Tabletop” (This Post)
Jewelry on a Dress Form

For circular displays see…
Cake Stand Markets Fragrances
Roundtabled Samplers
Painter’s Palette of Samples
Jewelry Retails from Tabletop
Blue Chinese Porcelain Pedestals in Bell Jar

SELECT “Jewelry” from the Retail Category Menu to pursue fixturing this channel of Retail.

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