Giant Flying Flip Flop

Giant In-Store Flying Flip-Flop
Giant In-Store Flying Flip-Flop

Because I have a related display and merchandising thread I had to post this giant ceiling-hung Flip Flop 3D retail display. SEARCH “Flip Flop” here on Fixtures Close Up for a full range commentary on the item from signing to fixturing. To focus more closely on this giant POP signage, visit POPON.NET, the source of this image.

Follow giant sandal displays at…
Street-Side Rainbow Sandals Stop Traffic on Laguna Beach
Rago Brothers Hand-Crafted Leather Sandal In-Store
Giant Flying Flip Flop

Compare and contrast…
Camping Tent in the Clouds
Beach Umbrella Display Overhead
Giant Flying Flip Flop
In-Store Tree Grows Down From Ceiling
A Bird, A Plane, No, Giant Sunglasses POP

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