Extension-Pole Display Extender

Pegboard Extension Pole Rack Main

Pegboard Extension Pole Rack ComboTraditionally Extender fixtures provide added display space for items in front of a display to the rear. Here a Pegboard-mounted Extender provides space for display of poles and painters on front of the Pegboard itself.  This is the reverse of typical Extender arrangements, where the Poles would hang behind and the Extender would provide small item display space in front. A built-in Metal Plate Label Holder provides space for product and price information. CLICK the thumbnail for closeup detailed views.

Contrast directly with…
Modern Pegboard Extender

Follow Extension Pole Outfitting at…
Half-Height Extension Pole Merchandiser Hung High on Endcap
Extension Pole Wire Grid Divider for Endcap
Extension-Pole Display Extender

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Extension-Pole Display Extender
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