Dual-Lane PrePack Magazine Case

Book Case Dual POP PrePack Main

I liked this massed display of Magazine Case PrePacks. The vivid orange color made a great visual statement. And creating a dual lane Magazine Case was brilliant. One just had to go see what was up. But there was more than one type of item for sale. With all Magazine Cases orange, one could only tell by rooting around a bit. Finally I must admit I cannot verify exactly how pre-packed these PrePacks were. If you look close you will see the Corrugated Display Hook is longer than the depth of the Magazine Case. So “some assembly required” might be the case. But if so, why add the hooks if the product could just sit in lanes in the case? CLICK the gallery below for additional views.

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Corrugated Magazine Case as Point-of-Purchase Prepack

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Dual-Lane Magazine Case as Point-of-Purchase PrePack
Corrugated Magazine Case as Point-of-Purchase Prepack

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2 thoughts on “Dual-Lane PrePack Magazine Case

  1. Tony, Do you know the supplier of that hook? Thanks, Pat

    Pat Pack Account Executive MARC Marketing at Retail Certified *U.S. Display Group **■** *810 S. Washington Street – Tullahoma, TN, 37388 & 105 Avenue L – Newark NJ, 07105 o: 931-455-9585×234 * ■ pat.pack@usdisplaygroup.com * *See what we’re up to** **

    * Proudly certified with the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

    1. THe hook shown is generally an industry standard design, though each manufacturer would offer different lengths, materials, backplate fit and such. I would think that given the length of application you might lean toward fiberglass reinforced Celcon as material. Some Point-of-purchase suppliers of a PrePack like this might put an ICC (Inventory Control Clip) on the front end of the hook to make sure the items stay on during shipping and setup.

      My day-job company offers hooks in this class at …


      BUT DO CALL AROUND, ask for sizes and samples, and see what suits your particular need. Even among quality manufacturers, not all hooks created equal or designed the same. All major manufacturers will send you free samples to inspect and test.

      Do see a lesser execution of this creative concept at …


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