Weld Burns Ruin Fixture Finish

These weld burns were fairly consistent on Slatwire Scan Hooks throughout this store, but most noticeable on this Grid amid baseball gear. The marks were puzzling because all fixtures I am familiar with are welded first, then powdercoated, and welding burns would be covered. These appear to be welded THROUGH the powdercoat finish leaving burns atop. Or maybe they were repaired and acquired as second-hand fixtures. There was no evidence that the finish had peeled to reveal welds beneath.

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Weld Burns Ruin Fixture Finish

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2 thoughts on “Weld Burns Ruin Fixture Finish

  1. Obvious that these were repaired after the powder coating and also a really sloppy design in the first place. The rods should be fitted into a drilled hole and welded from the back to look good and stay together. This method of bending the wore and likely spot welding obviously doesn’t hold well enough.

    1. Thanks for the comment Terry. Though I have seen hooks of this design well-crafted, the end result here was not. A look like this negatively impacts the store image as well as the price the store can command for its wares, as you know.

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