Cupcakes-To-Go One-Up

Kids Cupcake Bell Jars on Sale

My  thread on Bell Jars demanded this tangentially related addition. And a great piece of point-of-purchase marketing it is. Who could resist buying a cute cupcake for a child waiting at home … or tugging excitedly at your arm. And individually packaged I’ll bet they command a premium. I think the idea so good it should have a more commanding spot at the store entrance.

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2 thoughts on “Cupcakes-To-Go One-Up

    1. Sorry Dolly I do not know the supplier. But these were seen in a WalMart near the entry/exit and just at the edge of the Bakery. In that location kids could see, and parents could grab. They looked delicious and presented very well. Search cupcakes and bakery on FixturesCloseUp for other possible ideas, or follow the links in the post for what I suggest is related.

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