Wireform Torso by SuperDry

Image Courtesy of Fascination for Shop Windows and SuperDry
Image Courtesy of Fascination for Shop Windows and SuperDry
Image Courtesy of Fascination for Shop Windows and SuperDry
Image Courtesy of Fascination for Shop Windows and SuperDry

When layering, insulation and interior construction features are a selling point, an open wireframe Mannequin or Dress Form is an amazingly creative solution. Bravo SuperDry, though I am unsure of the function of the central spine-like structure. And this style Mannequin will not be lonely here on FixturesCloseUp in that it adds to an existing thread. CLICK the thumbnail for a close look, then see alternative below. Path back to the original post at theshopwindow.com but also see more wireform display forms right here on FixturesCloseUp immediately following.

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2 thoughts on “Wireform Torso by SuperDry

  1. Glad you lIke the torsos we worked with superdry to bring these to fruition and are definitely a display solution which has been designed to be in keeping with their brand ethos.

    As for the central spike well this is to allow it to sit on a floor base, there is also a head
    which can fix into the top



    1. I liked best that your torso allowed a view of interior construction of the jackets and lining. Great for the customer. Smart too that you provided for use with a floor base.

      I hope you enjoyed the other links I provided to open wire display forms.



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