Hermes Art Deco Style

Hermes Art Deco Travel Luggage Poster1
Image Coarsest of Hermes
Hermes Art Deco Travel Luggage Poster 2
Image Coarsest of Hermes

Occasionally period advertising and posters come to my attention. They remind us from whence we and the retail brands came as style evolved. Here is Hermes circa 1938 which I classify as Art Deco from late in that era. Correct me if you can classify better. My apologies over having lost the specific online URL of these images for full citation.

Compare directly to…
Louis Vuitton Broadside Classic
Vuitton Vintage Valise on Display
Louis Vuitton and The Birth of Modern Luxury

For Hermes posts by Title
Hermes Logo as Tile Mosaic
Hermes Stickman Archer
Hermes Art Deco Style

For Hermes resources…
Hermes Tag” for a scrollable list of discussions.
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