Starbucks as Follower of Fashion

Lyre Sign Stand for Coffee Main

This Lyre-shape sign stand has been seen in apparel and cosmetics. Starbucks employs it to make their coffees all the more fashionable via slightly more upscale display. Step through the gallery of photos below and see if you don’t agree the sign holder adds to the sell and quality image of Starbucks.

Sample fashion advice courtesy of The Kinks…
Dedicated Follower of Fashion via YouTube
Lyrics for Dedicated Follower of Fashion via KindaKinks
Dedicated Follower of Fashion via Wikipedia

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2 thoughts on “Starbucks as Follower of Fashion

  1. Tony, I actually think that the use of smaller signage stands of this ilk were first introduced and used in Hospitality, restaurants originally, vintage flavor, long ago as well.
    Small, inexpensive but with a dash of taste, and personality. Sure are easier to stow away when not in use. Far less visual weight, cleaner without the frame, just have to print on a heavier stock than plain 20 lb paper.

    1. This particular style caught my eye in Starbucks exactly because I had seen it in apparel and elsewhere. It was a nice branding upgrade for the coffee house. I approve heartily … n ot that Starbucks ever asks my opinion. 🙂 <<< Tony jokes

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