“Jeans Too Tight” Diagnostic

Jeans Too Tight DiagnosticMain
Image Courtesy of Marshall Sitten, Pinterest Service Beats, and Levi’s, NYC

If your size jeans off the store shelf just don’t fit, where should you turn? Here the store makes a suggestion. Normally I think there are too many retail choices, as I am a simple man. But one thing I like is being able to buy almost the same size I did in college, just by selecting from the “Loose Fit” category. Bragging just a bit more, belts from college still fit too, but I think I bought them oversize at the time. Note the apparent horizontal “Bib Tag” design of the sign insert. Once the price promotion is over, staff can cut off the discount offer tab and the “Slight Curve” directive remains functional in the sign holder. See the original upload at “Service Beats.”

Compare directly to…
Sign Insert is Die-Cut Shape,”

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