Color-Code Evolution in Eyewear

Damn if this eyewear and reading glass merchandisers aren’y always evolving new ways to color-code and point-of-purchase promote their wares. But you must agree that if you marketed an always useful but non-urgent item (new reading glasses), it would certainly help sales if you freshened the display and got noticed often. Particularly if your customers already might not see well. Here is another color-coding example for eyewear diopter strength. Though the eyeglass nosebridge tags do include a color-coded diopter rating, more visible, color-coded and diopter marked headers help organize the display and guide the shopper. CLICK the thumbnail for an overview of the display, and shopping instructions.

For Color Coded eyewear by Title…
Color-Code Evolution in Eyewear
Color-Coded Eye Chart for Retail
Near-sighted not Color Blind
Color-Coding Diopter Strength
Color Code on Butterfly Hook
Foster Grants Color-Coded
Color-Coding Without Color Legend
Plastic Uniweb Butterfly Hook Display

For general Color Coded Retail by Title…
Color-Coded Pumice Stone
Hook Array Color-Coded
Plaid on a Pegboard
Help Sizing a Simple Fastener
Ball Chain Tethers Cosmetics
Color-Coded Prices at Shelf Edge
Color Coordinated Hooks and Signs
Decorative Scan Hook Pricing
Color-Coded Pricing Signholder
Color-coded Savings.”
Color-Coded Product and Point-of-Purchase
Color-Coded Back Tags
Odd Label Holder Violates Silhouette
Glass Shelf Overlay Offers Color-Coded Sign
Niche Marketing Pet Umbrellas
In-Store Produce Calendar and Handling Chart
Shopping By Single-Color Numbers

Moving afield from color as a code see…
Bath Ensembles Decoded

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Color Coded Retail Pinterest Board FixturesCloseUp

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2 thoughts on “Color-Code Evolution in Eyewear

    1. Just one in my never ending series documenting color codes in retail. I hope you checked out some of the others. Or maybe I should wish that you have more of a life than me, and didn’t get sucked into the thread. 🙂

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