Shoe Ledges Tightly Packed

Tightly Packed Slatwall Shoe Ledges

Shoe Ledge CloseUp DetailThis is one way to maximize your merchandising space. Good thing much of the footwear is color which allows it to stand out even in such close quarters. But dark shades drop into near invisibility. Still if you have an extensive offering at very attractive prices there is not one of us who wouldn’t spend a few minutes searching for a bargain.

For widely spaced sales techniques see…
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For Shoe Ledges by Title…
Shoe Ledges Tightly Packed” (This Post)
Long-Stem Shoe Pedestal
Shoe Ledge on Diagonal Grid
Eye Bolt Shoe Tray
Slatwall Squares as Wall Pattern
Endcap Square is JCP Branding
Lego Ledge as Shoe Display
Flatback Hooks Add 3D on Flat Signs
Shoe Ledge Adds 3D to 2D Sign
Dual Shadowboxes Merchandises Shoes
Footwear Fixture Yaw, Pitch and Roll
Shoe Ledge Clings to Metal Mesh
Shelf Edge Shoe Extension

For all Shoe Ledge resources…
Shoe Ledge Tag” for a scrollable list of discussions.
Shoe Ledge Pinterest Board“ for a visual summary.
Shoe Ledge Index Page” for all resources and links.

Shoe Ledges Pinterest Board FixturesCloseUp

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