Variable Wire Tray Merchandising

Expandable Wire Tray Cooler Merchandising Main

Expandable Wire Tray Cooler Merchandising AuxIf you are merchandising a family of products and package sizes, or outfitting a department, variable width merchandising trays can more flexibly suit your overall need. As with Fixed Wire Tray Systems, your products are forwarded, faced and fed to the front automatically. Variable width systems adjust and expand to the width needed by each individual facing. Variable strength auto-feed adjusts for differing item weights. Variable systems can be individual lanes, or ganged by various means including front and backrail mount, magnetic tape, or high-friction integral pads. CLICK the thumbnail here for departmental and multi-product use in coolers. Though non-cooler standard shelf applications extend even to softgoods.

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    1. Hi Brenda. Though I profile all retail solutions, truth be told this particular fixture is produced by my day job company. I am out of the office as I answer this, but email me there and I will hook you up with an advisor. Samples are available for inspection and testing. My corporate email Thanks.

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