Carpet Hexagonal Trisected

Hexagonal POP for Carpet Main 1

Just the geometric theme for an OCD shopper like me.  Hexagons intertwine to build larger overall patterns, and are trisected to show various levels of plush and texture inside. Then add just enough randomness and asymmetry to the overall display and you have DuPont Carpet point-of-purchase that works on a variety of levels. If a single POP note is a theme, then this is an orchestration. CLICK the gallery to step through varoius views.

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2 thoughts on “Carpet Hexagonal Trisected

  1. It’s a great display and is easy to use for the consumer. Granted we didn’t buy the carpet but I appreciated it’s design when we built our house two years ago and found ourselves at Lowes shopping. I like how they show each color in three (finishes) types of carpet. The green graphics telegraph the environmentally sustainable qualities which was important to us for our home. The gradient of colors makes selection a breeze / easy to compare similar colors all at once. Much easier than a color grid approach in my opinion. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are very detailed in your carpet and remodeling shopping, and as an artist, have a good eye for the display details. Thanks for sharing your comments with my readers.

      I love your blog and what you are doing with your house. We used to be more rural here too but over the decades have suburbanized to a great degree. I fear my wife and I will need to move west for more peace. Is the 6 acre plot next to yours available? 🙂

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