Belting Your Jeans to Pipe

Belted Bar Jean Merchandising Main
Images Courtesy of and Tenue de Nîmes, Amsterdam

Belted Bar Jean Merchandising OverallHere’s a way to plant the seed of a Belt cross sell with the Jean Purchase. Short leather belt loops are used to display the line of Jeans from a decorative bar. One might find short buckled straps like this at a tack shop … or your local bondage boutique. Though the cost will be more than an S-Hook or C-Hook, you might just sell them after the fact or even premium priced as neck collars or leather wrist straps. The only downside to this fixture approach is displayed jeans can’t easily be handled. Shoppers must go to shelf or back stock. I do appreciate the pipe-like merchandising bar though. CLICK the thumbnail for a different view.

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