Duracell® Powered Escalator

Duracell Powered Escalator by ssar CloseUp.com
Duracell Powered Escalator by ssar Main.com
Image Courtesy of Duracell and Sign-A-Rama of Huntington Pinterest Board

Duracell Powered Escalator by ssar CloseUp.comDramatic advertising via floor graphic that reveals the escalator motive power is Duracell. The look of an open escalator access panel is in itself an attention getter. Nice job Duracell. CLICK the thumbnail for a better look.

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2 thoughts on “Duracell® Powered Escalator

  1. Tony: Where is the Duracell Powered Escalator photo from? I’m curious as to how old the photo is and where it was taken. I work on the Duracell business and have never seen or heard any refeference to this floorgraphic.



    1. Hi Bill. As per my source citation the original is from the Sign-O-Rama of Huntington Pinterest Board. I felt it a great extension of my own Floor Graphics thread. You can find the original Pinterest Boards at …

      Sign-a-Rama might be able to put a date on it for you … plus maybe offer other exciting ideas.

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