Shelf-Top Anchor for Floor Lamps

Floor Lamp Anchor Main Composite

I am terribly torn by the security of these Floor Lamp Shelf-top Anchors. On the one hand they allow the creation of an attractive display visible from a distance across the selling floor. The rank and file, massed floor lamps call out for closer inspection. The anchors would surely deter the normal shopper from attempting to take down a display lamp. By the world is filled with many careless people as well as children who might just try, and topple a lamp in the process. I think I would feel safer with an additional lanyard to secure the top of the lamp. What about you? CLICK the gallery for additional views of this complicated anchor assembly. The anchors appear to mount (and possibly dismount) freely from the backbar. Pushpins (pushbuttons) allow attachment of label and sign holders up front.

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Shelf-Top Anchor for Floor Lamps” (This Post)
Twist-Lock Pushbutton
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Push-Pin Installs Productstop
Universal Pick Card Holder
Multi-Item Shelf-Edge Extender
Shelf Edge Gift Card Holder
Feather-Weight Auto Feed En Masse
Talker for Angled Shelf Face
Top-Mount vs Bottom-Mount Sign
Lady Gaga Sunglass Spokesmodel

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Push Button - Push Pin Pinterest Board for Fixtures Close Up

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Anti Theft Turnoffs Pinterest Board on Fixtures Close Up

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