Ceiling Fans Sold by Loop Hook

Perfed Metal Loop Hooks for Ceiling Fans Main

The space consumed by full-assembled ceiling fans might be more than a retailer would wish to provide. This display gives an idea of what each configuration might look like, compared to all others. Square 90 Tip All-Wire Loop Hooks support the various fan blade offerings. A large-hole perforated metal  display surface allows flexible placement of the Loop Hooks as well as a face to which to bolt ceiling fan housings. CLICK through the gallery for a closer look.

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4 thoughts on “Ceiling Fans Sold by Loop Hook

    1. I agree Chris. Far better looking when each paddle sits firmly astride both frontwires of the Loop Hook. Leaf shape paddles run counter to the concept. Plus in the back of your mind you must realize the display would not have worked well for the wicker blades of your own porch fan. Mighta put a dent in the edge. 🙂

      1. Ha they’re cheap injection molded blades to look like wicker.

        On the display they could have made a hook at an angle like 22 degrees or better yet locked the motor so the blade wouldn’t need support or put the supper on the blade arm not the blade itself.

      2. Sometimes plastic is the best solution. Unless you are able to weave your own replacements and repairs.

        I think over time the hooks became misplaced or were not properly located by the store staff when they received the display. But I take fixtures as I find them. I am a bit Obsessive/Compulsive, but try to not fix everything I see. 🙂

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