Friends Don’t Shop Chain Stores

Friends Don't Let Friends Shop Chain Stores Main
Image Courtesy of Pete and Polly’s Children’s Resale Shop and The Brown Shed

Even if you don’t have a special of the day, you can promote business in indirect ways. This catchy chalkboard tag line promotes the “Shop Locally” and “Shop Small Business” themes. We all love our Walmarts and Targets, Walgreens and Rite-Aids, Old Navy and Gaps. But if asked to make the decision on human terms we might just choose the friendly, family-owned boutique or shop on main street (High Street for Brits). As a store owner, you should consciously keep your psychological benefit and unique selling proposition in the public eye. Even if only support local business. Visit Pete and Polly’s Children Resale Shop Pinterest Board to begin backtracking this thread to “the brown shed.”

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4 thoughts on “Friends Don’t Shop Chain Stores

      1. Thanks for your compliments Tony and by all means feel free to do a post on me. I’ve had no formal training in sign writing, only had a love of hand lettering since I was a small boy in the early ’60s when my Father, who was a truck salesman, would take me to with him on a Saturday morning and leave me in the custom bodyshop of the truck dealership. There I was transfixed by the sign writers and coach liners working there.

        I later learned how to hand render different typefaces as a Technical Illustrator in preMac days during letraset when ‘roughs’ were created by hand for clearance by the client before camera ready artwork was produced and letraset applied. The rough had to look as close to the desired finished job as possible. I could hand render down to 2mm high letters using a 0.1mm Rotting drafting pen. I then taught myself calligraphy.

        I started doing the blackboards at my local pub as a favour to the landlord who paid me in beers. Word got around and I went full time in 2011 after contacting another chalk artist and asking if he thought my work was good enough.

        I’m being increasingly approached to take traditional sign writing jobs on that require greater precision than free flowing chalkboard work. I’ve been reluctant not being familiar with the best tools for the job, and I am now in contact with one of the finest signwriters in London for advice and guidance on the best paints and brushes to use and I’m also interested in learning gilding on glass. You can see his work here

      2. You have an interesting background and life Gordon. I had been a Calligrapher for 20-odd years, was a Juried Member of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, and won a number of statewide awards. I was even offered a job studying and performing rare book conservation at John’s Hopkins University, but though I would have loved to have taken advantage of the opportunity, could not afford to live in Baltimore Maryland on the apprentice’s pay scale. Still I had a good run, and the appreciation for type and design has served me well in advertising. Wish I were good in chalk and sign painting too. I will pull together a post on you and let you know when it “breaks.”

        PS: I too have worked in LetraSet and Technical Pen. If I remember correctly that era came just after clay tablet inscription, right around the time of papyrus and the invention of paper. 🙂

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