Magnifying Glass at Shelf Edge

Magnifier on a Retracting Leash Main

Magnifier on a Retracting Leash DetailSome might not consider inexpensive flat Fresnell lens magnifiers upscale enough for their customer’s convenience. Here a traditional lens magnifier allows shoppers to enlarge any type to the size they desire by varying the focal distance. And with a different offering like this they avoid the “me too” of yet another Shelf-Edge Fresnell Lense offering. CLICK the thumbnail for a logo ath the shelf attachment.

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Magnifying Glass at Shelf Edge” (This Post)
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Fresnel Lens as Upscale Magnifier
Old Customers, New Needs
Magnifying Glass at Shelf Edge
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2 thoughts on “Magnifying Glass at Shelf Edge

    1. Hi Fareda: I am sorry my blog only reports what I see in retail so I cannot recommend a manufacturer. Check the links to other magnifier posts on FixturesCloseUp to see if any other design interests you. Then feel free to use my photos to shop around and send to venders. If you only need 1 or a limited number you could make your own. Buy the magnifier and security tether separately and attach to the shelf top or underside. Or get a stock shelf edge mount similar to that shown with a Grip Clip for your signage. Regards Tony

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