Every-Inch-Counts Retail Facing

CAEM Flip Front Label Strip Main
Images “pirated” from CAEM Shelf Engineering. Graci

Sales-per-square foot is a common measure of retail efficiency. Here, Flip-Front Shelf-Edge Label Strip offers space savings in the vertical plane, allowing you to merchandise even more per unit area. A “living hinge” allows these Euro-style clip-on extrusions to swing up and out of the way as product vends. Similar American creations are available for C-Channel and Solid Shelves, as well as the long-used Flip-Fron Scan Hook Label Holders. These “demo” images pirated from Italian Designer Fixture-maker CAEM to illustrate the space savings of Flip Front in Shelf use. CAEM calculates that on 6-shelf gondola employing 1-1/2″ shelf-edge label strip, swing-away strips can provide up to 6% more facing merchandising space. Graci, CAEM.

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Imported Italian Endcap

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Every-Inch-Counts Retail Facing
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Branding and Categorization Index Page” for all resources.

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