Skateboards on Angled Slatwall

Skateboarded Diagonal Wall Main
Images Courtesy of RetailDesignBlog, BaySixty6 Skate Park and Brinkworth

This originally caught my eye online because of the diagonal Slatwall. But I was not there in person and could not inspect. Now I wonder if it is Slatwall or merely a sloped pattern? See that the panel edges are totally vertical, so whatever the material, the pattern is meant to run downhill. Though subtle, an angle adds a dynamic element and energy to the skateboard and sneaker displays. CLICK the gallery to step through various views of the design. Let me know if you think its Slatwall or something else. See more at Retail Design Blog then return for other links and threads below.

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Color Defines Quorel® Lighting
Skateboards on Angled Slatwall

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Skateboards on Angled Slatwall
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