DeWalt Three-Tier Price Strategy

DeWalt 3-Tier Screw Gun Slatwall Rack Naked

DeWalt 3-Tier Screw Gun Slatwall Rack ProppedOffering three different quality Screw Guns at three price points, DeWalt benefits from displaying as a group for cross-comparison, and trade-up in purchase selection. If I can get “Good” for $79, why not “Better” or “Best” for only $89 or $99? Smart strategy. But I would have added a super-duty “ringer” unit at $149 … that way the $99 would look like a huge bargain and be the typical selection. No need to pay $149 … but the extreme price makes $99 look VERY attractive and the lower priced models cheap and less desirable. (See Premium Decoy Pricing). Obviously DeWalt is too classy of a name to listen to scurrilous advice from the likes of someone like me.

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