Peace, Love, ‘Butta In-Store

Justin's Nut Butters Apples Main

Whether you enjoy butta’ on your bread, cracker or favorite fruit, Justin’s Nut Butters positios themselves in-store to satisfy your need. Shelf-edge-mount gravity-feed racks and sidekicks locate the treat prominently anywhere in the store or in the produce section, as here. The clean white rack color supports and reinforces the bright white product branding, while contrasting with typically multi-color backgrounds. A simple mount hangs from shelf-edge or other supports. The slide-in mid-level label holder allows branding and additional signage, while a low level holder handles scan code. CLICK the thumbnails for alternate uses across the store. Justin’s Nut Butters tag line is “Peace, Love, Butta” which makes a great heading for this post written by an admitted old-school Hippie (me!). Shades of Ben and Jerry’s (also old Hippies, so I am told). For more on Nut Butters visit

EDITORS NOTE: I cannot tell a lie. I wrote this copy for a separate Press Release on the rack, but it works just as well as a fixture review here on FixturesCloseUp. And when it comes to creative copy writing, “waste not, want not.” No remuneration was involved in this post, but I did save time and effort writing anew from the ground up. I hope you’ll forgive me. Normally I do not post directly on fixtures my company has such involvement in unless seen in use by me personally in the field. But the photos were too tempting laying on my Mac’s desktop.

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