Swarovski® Monolith for Rings

Versatile jewelry monoliths at Swarovski do an eye-catching job of displaying rings and ring-like alternatives in an unusual manner. Yet they are capable of necklace,  earring, and other jewelry display, and fit in with a consistent theme. CLICK the thumbnail for ring ledge details view.

For a comparison of related Swarovski fixtures see…
Swarovski Monolith for Rings
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For famous monoliths see…
A Space Odyssey 2001

For Swarovski Visual Merchandising and Fixtures…
Swarovski Says Hello Kitty
Swarovski Skulls Priced to Sell”
Swarovski Price Prisms Backlit
Square Ring and Bracelet Set
Swarovski vs Henri Bendel Hookery

For Swarovski Visual Merchandising and Fixtures resources…
Swarovski Pinterest Board“ for a visual summary.
Swarovski Index Page” for all resources and links

Swarovski Visual Merchandising Store Fixtures FixturesCloseUp Pinterest Board

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