Color Anodizing vs Powder Coating

anodizing color choices
Image Courtesy of Anomatic Corporation and
Anodizing color array Left Side
Image Courtesy of Anomatic Corporation and

My segment of the fixture industry is fixated on powder coating. But there are other solutions to the color issue. The look of anodizing is much different than powdercoat, and you might say, even halfway to a chrome look. I don’t know of any anodized store fixtures, but maybe you will be the first to creatively break ground. Ferrous metals can be anodized black, with a coating flexible enough to withstand wireforming (or so I am told). But even ferric oxide (rust) can be a fixture finish. Comment if you are a finishing specialist. Meanwhile maybe my related threads or Anomatic Corp will lead you in additional directions.

Sephora® Anodizes Curler Brand
Color Anodizing vs Powder Coating

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5 thoughts on “Color Anodizing vs Powder Coating

  1. Wow! I like! I wonder how well it stands up to everyday wear and tear (especially the scrapping of hangers). Could make some beautiful store hardware, if it is sufficiently durable.

    1. As you can see the image and sample kiy of anodizing is Courtesy of Anomatic Corporation and You could contact them to see if samples are available for you. Companies that ppowdercoat also provide sample kits, and even without them can match RAL colors so that you can specify a finish. I hope this helps. I do not myself have samples. — Tony

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