Produce or Prop? Who Can Tell?

I am accustomed to artificial food props from advertising photo shoots over the length of a career. In recent years I begin to see these props show up regularly in visual merchandising like this. As an Adman it’s not an untruth, its “selling” the merchandise by association with freshness, and taste, and wholesomeness. A rationalization now seemingly widely adopted in all merchandising. (And humanizing Admen through others fall from grace to our level). But I heartily recommend the best quality food props you can afford … or better yet, fresh grapes from the Produce Department just across the store. Which are these? Can you tell? Post a comment.

For cheese without propping see…
Sophisticated But Simple Signing

For other propped visual merchandising see…
Mustached Mannequin
Fresh Fruit as Perfume Prop
Fruit as Juicer Inducer
Veggies Sell Slow Cooker
Produce or Prop? Who Can Tell?” (This Post)

Contrast with to…
Painting Pictures With Produce
Solitary Peck Basket Cross Sell
Bushel as Point-of-Purchase Display
Banana Tree on Wheels
Cooler Door Lime Cross Sell

For additional plant-based merchandising see…
Little Shop of Horrors in Bloom
Spring Bicycle Makeover
Evergreen Fashions for Xmas
Terrarium-to-Go Aliteration
Salad Skirt for Lady Gaga

For all Wegman’s by Title see…
Produce Delivery Gantt Chart
Farm Fresh Greets Foot Traffic”
Fresh Farm Produce Chalkboard
Produce or Prop? Who Can Tell?
Brand Fire-Branded on Wood
Sophisticated Yet Simple Cooler Signage
Grip Clipping Wrong vs Right
How to Handle Product Migration
Floor Graphic Footsteps for Food
Banana Tree on Wheels
No Grazing … You Big Heifer
No Free Taste Tests
Novel Displayer for Novels”
Pail is Tiny Endless Basket Adjunct.”
Candy Sales by the Bucketful
Second Gen Cart & Cup Holder

For Wegman’s Fixture resources see…
Wegman’s Fixtures Pinterest Board“ visual summary
Wegman’s Fixtures Index Page” for all resources

Wegmans Fixtures and Merchandising Pinterest Board FixturesCloseUp

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