Traditional Hang Tag by Express

Traditionally-shaped tags, usually of Manila stock, are oversized for Jeans branding and labeling. My question is do I get to keep the belt-loop keyring when I purchase? CLICK the thumbnail for a closer look at this sign-sized tag.

Contrast directly with…
Traditional Manila as Back Tag

Compare two tags from the same chain over time…
Die-Cut Hang Tag by Express
Traditional Hang Tag by Express” (This Post)

For Back Tags in Front Tag promotion see…
Zip Tie Hang Tag
Kardashian Curves on an S-Hook
C-Hooks Replace S-Hooks
Back Tags as Point-of-Sale Tool
Express Die-Cut Hang Tag Theme
Traditional Style as Front Tag

For the superset of all Back Tag resources…
Back Tags Pinterest Board“ for a visual summary.
Back Tags Index Page” for all resources and links

Back Tags in Retail Pinterest Board for FixturesClose Up

2 thoughts on “Traditional Hang Tag by Express

  1. Hello Tony I enjoy your posts. I am a retail consultant and store designer. I have a client who refuses to change their hangtags from a 1″ plastic hung paper to something more substantial and preferably with their name on them for branding. I have NEVER seen anything on appropriate length of the plastic piece, but I think it must be about 3″ minimum. Their thought is that longer hangtags get caught with each other. The 1″ looks like ‘crap’ and visually devalues the merchandise. I have looked around your site but don’t see anything on this. If I’ve missed it, I’d appreciate you sending me the link. Thanks so much
    Heddy Bing
    Urban Spaces Design Co.

    1. Hi Heddy: It is difficult to understand you and your clients actual predicament without seeing. But I am tempted to steer you to an Extended Tab Label Holder / Label Strip Design. When done in color the “Extended” portion stands above the info/price portion and “brands” with color. It could also accept an adhesive “logo” or imprint on the “extended” portion for even greater branding. The lower portion accepts plain-paper drop in labels, or you could order without “windows” and use adhesive price labels. Please look over all the posts on my Extended Tab Label Index Page to get a feel for all aspects involved. They are available in a any length and various heights. See the thread by title and scroll to the bottom for Pinterest Board list starting at …



      My email is if you desire additional exchange of ideas.

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