Lutron® Gravity-Feeds Dimmers

Gravity-Feed Switch Sidekick Main

I love the marketing cross sell and fixture idea, but am a bit more questioning of the final result. Sadly see that some of the fixtures are damaged from in-store collision, so an unbiased evaluation was not possible. Regardless, kudos to Lutron®, an industry leader, for cross selling CFL Dimmer Switches at shelf-edge with the CFL’s and light bulbs. At one time CFL’s could not easily be dimmed. Great to now “backfill” the market by educating consumers on that possibility while they buy their replacement bulbs. Smart, Lutron, very Smart Marketing. By the way, our entire house is outfitted with Lutron. Even though I had to pick mine by hand without the benefit of shelf-edge Gravity-feed. Maybe we were ahead of the curve.

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