Coffee Delivery by Bicycle

Fresh Coffee Delivered by Bicycle Main2
Image Courtesy of Frank White, Davis Wince Ltd. Architects.

If you wanted to emphasize fresh-roast, fresh-ground coffee; daily-delivery by bicycle would make the point. As would a brand name like “Backroom Coffee Roasters.” For final promotional icing on the cake, make your point-of-purchase display look like a bike-handle carry rack, and sign your bicycle for recognition around town.  Then, how about expanding service after day-break to home and office deliveries of custom roasts? An interesting business concept this, as well as great point-of-purchase, marketing and advertising thinking. Plus fresh-roast, fresh-ground, locally-delivered coffee in-store, even helps the grocer’s image. A win-win all the way around. CLICK the gallery for in-store merchandising views. Then return for related retail fixture threads. Image courtesy Frank White, of Davis Wince. Ltd. Architects,

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EDITORS NOTE: More than just a casual reader of FixturesCloseUp, Frank White is Director of Retail Services at Columbus, Ohio, Davis Wince Architects. Since “The devil is in the details” when it comes to design, see that Frank has an eye for inspired retail details like this as he makes his daily rounds. Professionally he has co-authored books including “Retail Action Guide” and “Independent Bookstore Planning and Design.” Frank’s experience ranges from single-retailer design, to town center development, to national retailer accounts including Penske Truck, Washington Mutual Bank, T-Mobile, DSW and Bachrach Menswear. Why do I wax poetic? Because I appreciate the extra breadth of coverage FixturesCloseUp can offer with contributions from readers of this caliber. And with that “Tom Sawyer” pitch of “whitewash the fence for me” maybe I can relax and get great input like this from all of you.  🙂

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