Merchandising The Masar in Oman

Masar Merchandised in Oman Main
Masar Images Courtesy of Badar al Shekaili, Executive Manager at Infinity Advertising

An online acquaintance looked very regal in his nation’s headgear (below left), the Masar. I wondered how it might be merchandised in Oman to full effect. But from his photos one still needs a good imagination to visualize  pattern and color coming together in the final fold. The headgear in the main photo of Omani retail is a Kuma. I am a fan of the Masar below. Now is is left-over-right or right-over-left to start the winding process? If this post proves popular maybe I will take FixturesCloseUp on the road for international merchandising reviews. What fun. And a tax deduction for travel I am sure.

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2 thoughts on “Merchandising The Masar in Oman

  1. I am bilal from kashmir . I have handmade omani massar. We do that business from 2007. if you feel free please contact
    cell +919797760606
    Facebook page: Head Scarf Mussa

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