Blank Page Merchandising Canvas

bergdorf books window display Main
Image Courtesy of Linda and Store Display Inspiration via Darryl Wood

bergdorf books window display overallMy book-related thread cried out for this addition. It has an informal appearance even though from the windows of a major retail powerhouse. CLICK the thumbnail for an overall view. See the original via Linda’s Display Store Inspiration. Then return for the accompanying FixturesCloseUp books-as-merchandising-fixture posts.

For Books in Retail Merchandising by title see…
Blank Page as Merchandising Canvas” (This Post)
Custom Book Jacket as Merchandising
Bras for Well-Read Girls
Books in Bell Jars
Vuitton and The Birth of Modern Luxury
Dior Coffee Table Book and Scarf Tray
Book as Bench
Stepping-Up to Back-to-School
Novel Displayer for Novels”
Back-to-School Bulk Book Sales
Yayoi Kusama Bandana and Book for Vuitton
Cutting-Edge Pick Carding
College Bookstore Pick Card Concepts
Fabric Library Signing

For Book resources see…
Books in Merchandising Pinterest Board“ visual summary
Books in Merchandising Index Page” for all resources

Books in Merchandising Fixtures Close Up Pinterest Board

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