Jeggings® Shadowbox in 3D Sign

3D Shadowbox Sign Main

3D Shadowbox Sign DetailShadowboxes have their own thread here on FixturesCloseUp, and here required a closer look. This ShadowBox-Made-Into-Sign adds even greater dimensionality with a Jeggings® message floating inches in front of the image background. An interesting effect that probably demanded the dark monochrome images used to contrast with the light type. But I wonder what the effect might have been with other, more colorful images, interior lighting, or addition of three-dimensional physical objects? CLICK the thumbnail for a closer look. and leave a leggy comment or two.

Compare the Corner Snipe with…
Jegging® Corner Snipe

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Jegging® Corner Snipe

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Contrast Shadowbox with…
Hoops for Apparel Merchandising
Kohler® Dropshadow Benefit

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Hoops for Apparel Merchandising

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ShadowBoxes FixturesCloseUp Pinterest Board

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