Wood Vise Puts Squeeze on Purses

Yes, that’s right. That’s a purse in the clutches of multiple rogue Wood Furniture Clamps. I’m not sure where any retailer layer their hands on enough Wood Vises to decorate a department, but this one did. Maybe one can rent them from a theatrical prop supply house, or for that matter, Home Depot. CLICK the thumbnail for an alternate visual. Call me parochial, but I had not seen Adriano Goldschmied of Diesel immortalized in-store before. Does Diesel field a sub-brand by that name too?

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Wood Vise Puts Squeeze on Purses

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26 thoughts on “Wood Vise Puts Squeeze on Purses

    1. Hi Myron. Thanks for listing yourself as a source. I would be interested in re-posting the Recycled Cosmetic Display from your blog. Can you send me high res photos and any other information on the project. Of course I would Backlink directly to you. Very Interesting. — Tony EMAIL tonyka@ptd.net

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