Wasp-Waist Item Self-Displays

Waist Hung Product Self Merchandiising Detail

Waist Hung Product Self Merchandiising OverallItems that sell-merchandise and self-fixture are fascinating to me. On the one hand they look unique in the store environment, may call more attention to themselves, and subconsciously imply a well-thought-out offering. But does the approach limit where in-store and across retail you can easily offer the item on shelf or on hook. I am too inexperienced to say. But I offer this example and the threads below for your thoughtful consideration. See that the square tubular faceouts (hooks? arms?) are capped for safety and a well-finished look. CLICK the thumbnail for al;ternate view, then research other approaches as you please. Comments welcome and appreciated.

Compare to…
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Wasp-Waist Item Self-Displays” (This Post)

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2 thoughts on “Wasp-Waist Item Self-Displays

  1. A vertical bull nose end cap strikes me as appropriate. It is fresh and novel thus complementing the concept at-large and it implies that careful attention has been paid to the dynamics of the loading scenario. The square end cap looks dated and doesn’t do the concept justice.

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