Magnetic Door-Hanger Categorizes

Door Knob Hanger Table Signs Main

Door Knob Hanger Table Signs DetailMaybe my ties to print are too deep, but I have always found Door Hangers a fun, targeted idea for advertising and other applications. In-store they provide a mount method that fits any hook, facet, knob, nail or protrusion. With quick-change magnetic signage, as here, I think they could be even more useful. The hole-punched metal Door Hangers mount anywhere. Magnetic signs swap and update easily. What more could you ask for versatility. NOTE: S-Hook Table Stand accessory, extra charge. CLICK the thumbnail for another look.

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For Magnetic Fixtures and Merchandising by Title…
Magnetic Door Hanger Creates Category” (This Post)
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Old Navy Balloons Just For Fun
Super-Duty Divider + Sign Arm
Magnetic Sign Clip or Shelf Divider?
Magnetic C-Channel Outfits Wood Shelf
Armor-Plated Magnet-Base Literature Holder
Magnetics Printed as Signs
Magnetic Wedge Displays Keyboard
Magnets as Fixtures
Magnetic Pin Holder for Fitting Room
Label Holders with Button Magnets
Faceout Sign is Magnetic
Magnetic Pallet Rack Talker
Small Signs Create Master Signs
Magnet-Mount Micro Quiver
Digital Shelf-Edge Promo Sign
Merchandiser Strip is Riveted or Magnetic

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