FISH-Tip Extended-Top Label Strip

An unexpected application of Extended Top Label Strip on Hooks.  Extended Top profiles offer additional material above the label window as a Header Area. It is intended for greater visual impact and departmental definition, particularly when used in color. Here in plain white, some of the potential effect is lost. But the broad front face definitely defines rows of product. CLICK the thumbnail for a better view of the window area relative to the extended top. Supporting Hooks are All Wire Scan Hooks with FISH-Tip Label Holder Mounts. Extended Top Label systems are available in short individual Holders, or long Strips to run across multiple hooks, as here.

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IKEA Extended-Top Label Curves
IKEA® Extended-Top Label Strip
FISH-Tip Extended-Top Label Strip
IKEA® Floor-Stand Linen Tower
IKEA® Mattress Protector Floor Bin
Header for FISH-Tip Label Holder

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FISH-Tip Extended-Top Label Strip” (This Post)

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FISH-Tip Extended-Top Label Strip” (This Post)
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