Hexagonal Polygon Museum Case

Hearts on Fire Hexagonal Crystal Museum Case Main
Photos courtesy of Paul Loftland Photography and Design:Retail

Design: Retail elected to review the concept of the new Hearts on Fire jewelry showroom at King of Prussia, the largest Mall in America and one of my favorite Mall shopping experiences. Slick store, but what interests FixturesCloseUp the most is the unique hexagonal polygon Museum Case. Museum Cases can provide individualized focus within the store. And while an ordinary square museum case might be often seen, this organic crystal shape is sure to attract attention. CLICK through the gallery below for a focus on the Museum Case. Then follow the links provided to even more Museum Case coverage up close and personal.

For the “spirit” of King of Prussia shopping see…
Diamonds: Go Big or Go Home

For Museum Cases In Retail by title see…
Hexagonal Polygon Museum Case
Museum Cases are Hip Not Square
Museum Case Black Ribbon Wrapped
Hanging Museum Case With Silver Skull
How to Merchandise Butterflies
Bulgari Priced in Gold
Brand Celebrates Itself Literally
Cufflinks Tee’d for Display.”
Union Jacking Jewelry
Cubist Bell Jar Sells Sandals
Medieval Museum Case Merchandising
Scarf Tied as a Turban
Museum Case Creativity from Thin Air
Choose Urbane or Primitive
Museum Case Seascape Plus Diamonds

For a subset of Niche as Museum Case see…
Short Story in a Necktie Niche
Diorama Travelog in Miniature
Jewelry Sale for Baseballers
Vibrant Watch Display as Triptych
Niche As Cosmetics Case

For all Museum Case research aids see…
Museum Cases in Retail Pinterest Board“ Visual Summary
Museum Cases in Retail Index Page” for all resources.

Museum Cases In Retail Pinterest Board for FixturesCloseUp

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