Corrugated Gravity-Feed Bulk Tools

Bulk Tool Sales in Corrugated Bin Overall2

Bulk Tool Sales in Corrugated Bin CloseupCan you sell tools and hardware in temporary bulk corrugated point-of-purchase bin? I would say so judging by this concept. Gravity feed and a fold-out bottom tray make access to merchandise easy. Vivid white, blue and red colors help make a visual statement. Plenty of room is provided for retail price and scan code labeling. Best of all, a large silhouetted image of each item sells product visually, avoiding the clutter of the jumbled bin below. I am no longer much of a Do-It-Yourselfer, but even I paused to look for a bargain.  CLICK the thumbnail for a closer look, including Spring Clamps which have their own thread here on FixturesCloseUp.

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