Poggenpohl® Notes on Design

Poggenpohl Notes on Design Detail

Poggenpohl Notes on Design AuxA hovering design notes carousel in a Poggenpohl® showroom design commons. Tired or uninspired by the project on your design table, spin the design notes carousel and pick a fresh challenge.  Meanwhile the logo on the wall reminds you and customers of the quality level in play. CLICK the thumbnail to see for yourself.

For a flight of Poggenpohl® see…
Poggenpohl® Entry Branding
Poggenpohl® Notes on Design
Poggenpohl® Brand in Miniature

For Carousel Fixtures by Title see…
Bow Tie As Sartorial Flourish
Beatles® Pocket Square Carousel
Ceiling Carousel for Cups
DKNY Bow Tie Carousel
Kerchief vs Scarf vs Pocket Square
Parachute-Ride Accessories Display

For all Carousel Fixtures  resources see…
Carousel Fixtures Pinterest Board“ visual summary
Carousel Fixtures Index Page” for all resources

Carousel Fixtures Pinterest Board on FixturesCloseUp

For related Circular Display resources see…
Circular Display Pinterest Board“ visual summary
Circular Display Index Page” for all resources

Circular Display Pinterest Board for FixturesCloseUp

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